Fog in 3D Tiles

Hi, I am trying to add fog to Google 3D Tiles and am having a hard time seeing any effect. I’ve tried viewer.scene.fog.enabled = true; and playing with fog density. I also found documentation on dynamicScreenSpaceError and have tried using that, but it seems to only affect the resolution of tiles loaded based on distance to the camera.

I found the Atmosphere sandcastle very useful, and got the effect I want there - but am not clear on how to apply this visual effect to 3D Tiles.

Here is a sandcastle I’ve been testing in.

Hi there,

(I’ve moved your post to the CesiumJS category since it’s the most relevant to your question.)

Right now, visual fog is not implemented on 3D Tiles(Make Models be affected by Fog · Issue #4196 · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub).

As a workaround for the time being, you could use a fog post process effect.

However, given the increased demand for 3D Tiles as a terrain base layer, implementing fog with 3D Tiles has become a priority for us to implement. Stay tuned!

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