Force Loading Terrain Highest Quality


Is it possible to request a terrain provider to load their highest level of detail?

I have cases where terrain being loaded is very important but currently have no way to request all or a specified area to load to max level.

Thank you.

Not sure about an official way, but if you have the coordinate of the place in question you can always make a call to sampleTerrainMostDetailed() to force the engine to do so?



Oh interesting. I’ll give that a go.

I didn’t consider it might render it after a sample of the position.

Thank you!

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I have the same question: I would like to do calculations (explicitely shading) on the terrain.

I know that it is possible to load a imagery at a specific terrainlevel, but I would like to do the reverse.
I need something similar for terrain.

Regards Rüdiger

Your best bet would be to either make a shader to do backwards access calculations (don’t know about the data pipe and security model, so it might not be possible as this is a bit out of my field), or read the terrain files yourself to do the calculations before you send them off to Cesium (or seperate the two, and make an API for your own calculations that have access to the original file [unless it’s in Cesium Ion or other source, then you need to cache that into your API first]).