Force tiles loading while rendering

Hi there !
I have a problem that many people seems to have encountered, i’ve tried many changes to make it works but i didn’t succeed.
I’m trying to render from a sequence a large-scale video from a portion of the southern France. But I’m facing a problem : it doesn’t matter whether I’m in the editor or in the final rendering, it seems like tiles loading appears in front of the camera no matter what i change.
Ideally, I’d like the tiles not to be loaded in front of the camera, but beforehand, so it doesn’t affect the video. I’ve tried to change render distance, fake camera position, and render parameters but i still have this problem.
I’m showing you what happen in this video from my sequence. As you can see when the camera zoom in and gets closer to the ground tiles load and changes color on scene

I’ve probably missed the magic option and I’m running out of ways to solve this problem for my project.
Thank you for your help !

Hi @WiDZiiD,

Have you tried experimenting with the Maximum Screen Space Error at all? If this value is lower, it will attempt to stream higher level-of-detail tiles for that view. I can’t guarantee that it will load the exact tiles you want, but you should be able to tweak this number so that it gets close.

Hi @janine,
thank you for your reply,
i’ve tried what you said and the result is more pleaseant because more tiles are switching/loading at the same times by losing few details. despite this, I would like to know if it is possible to force the maximum rendering regardless of the distance between tiles and the camera. (Force LOD0 doesn’t seem effective)

Hi @WiDZiiD,

Unfortunately, that’s not really possible. The camera distance is an inherent part of determining how to load 3D Tiles. And if you forced the maximum level of detail regardless of distance, you’d refine even the tiles farthest away from the camera to their maximum detail. Since geospatial data can get huge very quickly, you’re likely to encounter significant performance problems.

From your initial post – were you trying to use the Cesium Camera Manager? It allows you to add multiple cameras for rendering, so you could theoretically place an extra stationary camera to view the tiles closer to the ground.

Hi @janine
Thanks for your help, I’ve tried the way you say and it’s a pretty good way of getting around this problem by simulating an active camera at the location I want to force load tiles in a specific area. Nevertheless sometimes it seems that tiles “reload” when rendering so I don’t get the same rendering as in the editor