Best way to reduce pop-in?

Hey there, I’m doing an aerial flythrough of a large area, so I have the camera set to render a fairly long distance (4,000 m). The issue is that you can noticeably see the tiles transition from low quality to high quality when you get within ~1,000 m of them. I realize it would potentially be performance intensive to render an area that large at high quality, but this is for a pre-recorded video so performance isn’t a concern.

I’ve tried doubling the maximum simultaneous tile loads and maximum cached bytes, and setting the maximum screen space error to 8. I’m wondering if I should keep playing with these variables, and if so which would be the most helpful for my use case? Or are there other alternatives, for example downloading and caching the high quality models ahead of time, or creating a cross-fade animation when the models switch?

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @abliss86,

The nature of 3D Tiles is to load tiles at different levels of detail depending on their distance form the camera. It’s difficult to prevent that entirely.

I think you have the right idea – try increasing the maximum cached bytes and lower the maximum screen space error to as low as 1. This should force more of the tiles in the distance to refine to higher levels of detail.

Note that it’s against the Cesium ion terms of service to download and save the loaded tiles. We’re currently developing a feature and updated terms of service that would make this task easy and permissible for Cesium World Terrain (and your own data). However, please note that this feature will not be available for third party commercial data like that from Google or Bing.