Looking for how to load a smaller area

I’m working on a VR project set right infront of the Eifel Tower but unfortunately with how Cesium loads and deloads what is infront of you, the VR scene is quite jarring as the environment rapidly changes the poly count on the objects in the scene.
Is there a way to cut just the area we need and keep it statically loaded so that these loading issues aren’t visible?

To directly answer your question: no. We’d like to enable that sort of use-case in the future, but there are both technical and legal barriers to it.

You might get a better experience, though, by:

  • Decreasing the Maximum Screen Space Error property, so that you get more detail.
  • Increasing the Maximum Screen Space Error property! It’ll reduce detail, but it might give you good enough detail while improving performance.
  • Increase the Maximum Cached Bytes property in order to keep more already-loaded tiles in memory.
  • Increasing the Max Cache Items in the Project Settings, in order to keep more tiles stored in the on-disk request cache.