Forwarding events to Cesium

Hi, I'm Adhitya and I'm writing an application that allows multiple users to interact with a Cesium globe simultaneously.

For instance, if one user pans or zooms in one instance, all the other instances should also replicate the same gesture.

Is there an API to raise Cesium's mouseclick or mouseMoved events? I'm running a nodeJS server. Any pointers would really be appreciated.


That sounds a pretty cool application Adhitya! Make sure to post back here when it’s working - it’ll be really cool to see.

You might try just dispatching events to the document itself, even if Cesium is unaware of it. You can see exactly how Cesium sets up these event listeners here.

I’m not sure that this would be the best approach however (for example, what happens when different users are on different screen sizes, and a click at (200,300) might be on the globe in one screen but not on the other?)

I think a better approach would be to send the camera’s position and sync that instead.