Found bug? Experiencing glitchy display while zoomed and replaying CZML.


I generated my own CZML that has 70,000 positional data points (cartographicDegrees) as well as a point object that flies from one position to the next.

On the map I'm rendering the path using polylines from the geometries library. Everything looks great until I left click on the point object to follow the point as it flies. Then the map gets very glitchy and starts to flicker.

I don't think it is caused by the number of positions, I think it is caused by the spacing between the positions.

I did the same test but with only 500 positions and I still had the glitches. So I started rendering every other position to see if spacing out the lat/longs would help. Everything worked fine after that.

Is there a better workaround besides leaving out data?


Can you provide sample data for us to reproduce the problem?



I'm actually not allowed to export anything from my work computer so I can't give you the actual data that's causing my problem. But I imagine any CZML with position data this close would generate the same bug.

All I have in the CZML is a single packet. The packet contains a point and a position. The position is cartographicDegrees. An example of what the position data looks like is:

38.959, -78.822
38.958, -78.822
38.957, -78.822
38.957, -78.822
38.957, -78.822
38.957, -78.82199999999997
38.956, -78.82199999999997
38.955, -78.82199999999997

I can't imagine that duplicate lat, long pairs would cause any issues. Maybe Cesium has issue with the number of decimal places changing from position to position.

Thanks. I submitted #1322. It would also be useful to know your OS, browser, and video card.



OS: Linux
Browser: Google Chrome (Version 26.0.1410.43)
Video Card: NVIDIA Quadro K2000

I found out this morning that the test data I was using was generated with faulty precision. Using the new data everything works great. So I guess this isn't a big deal anymore.

Thanks for the update.