Path Line Glitched On


I build a CZML path line and provide the user ability to turn on and off the path line. The line is turned off by default.

I’m running into an issue where the path line glitches on and can’t be turned off. This issue occurs whenever the Cesium.CzmlDataSource receives data after the first packet.

I use the process function to process the incoming CZML as such:


I was wondering if anyone else has stumbled across this or how I could better debug this issue. At first I thought maybe it was getting overwhelmed with the amount of data being received but after being able to replicate it by sending very few data points I no longer think this is the case.

I’ve tried various data points to try to pinpoint if the data is causing the issue but it appears the CZML doesn’t matter.


Sorry for the bother, issue was regarding the CZML, thanks!