From KMZ to DAE, From DAE to glTF. PROBLEM!!!

Hi guys, just to explain my self. I created a 3D model of a building from Lidar data in Microstation in cooperation with Terrasolid modules, then i exported it from Microstation to SketchUP in DWG format, because i find SkechUP easier for adding textures than it is done in TerraPhoto. Now when i finished texturing i exported from SketchUP a model with textures in DAE format, and model WITHOUT textures also in DAE format. Model without textures had no problem in online converter and result is acceptable, but in model with textures i keep getting same error i will put it in a png file bellow. Also i will leave DAE file with textures if it is any help. Also i will leave a glTF file just so if anyone want to help can see how the object look. I hope you understood my problem.



PMFverzija 2 sa texturama.dae (2.61 MB)

Internal Error.bmp (1.5 MB)

PMF (2).glb (260 KB)

Are you dragging both the DAE and texture into the online converter?

Well i had problem with that, because my texture files are over 20MB, and i have trouble with off line converter, any topic on that? Because if that is the main problem then i need to find a way to start an off line converter. Thnx for replay Sean Lilley.

Yeah you’ll need to use the offline converter. What was the problem you ran in to?

Well i am new to the concept i followed instructions, but with no success i did not even manage to build the code. i have never used CMake before, that is why i asked is there any post where it is described more simple than it is here ??

Which OS are you using?

Also if you’d prefer I can send over a built version.

Wow that would be awesome, i am using Windows 10. You will leave it here or send link on mail (

I sent you the link by email.