Frontend Developer - Cesium Expert

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Frontend Developer - Cesium Expert

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Madison, WI USA

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We are seeking a frontend developer and Cesium expert to assist with the development of a data-driven climate and social issue platform. This platform is currently built and has functionality for team collaboration, data tools, an interactive whiteboard, data dashboards, and project management. This developer will come in to help us with:

  • Setting up & configuring cesium
  • Turning a terrestrial view into a 3d tile grid view. (Things like buildings, roads, terrain)
  • Allow modifying the tiles, their metadata and place tokens on them. Tokens can be things like rain barrels, in case of flooding simulations.
  • Replay simulation results in the 3d map

The purpose of this is for people to see and collaborate with the tokens and see how different map changes & tokens affect flooding in that area.

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