Full load 3D Cesium Tile

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I'm new to cesiumjs (and my english isn't really perfect, sorry for the mistakes). I've made a code which work perfectly. I loaded many tiles produiced by contextcapture (file format: json).

I've remark that the model (or primitives) is load with a poor quality until we zoom on it at the maximum. Is there a solution to fully load a json tile when the html page is open?

I've looked in contextcapture but there is no solution with this software to modify it.

Here is an example of my code for the json tile toload:

Hi there,

I think what you need is to set the tileset maximumScreenSpaceError. Setting it to a lower value should make the higher quality models load sooner.



Hello Gabby,

Thanks a lot, you were right!!

"maximumScreenSpaceError" is one of the solution :wink: