Problem with tileset visualisation from ContextCapture

1. A concise explanation of the problem you're experiencing.

I have generated few models with ContextCapture and used their application (which is using Cesium) to visualise them in web. When I use the same model to load in CesiumViewer it is less accurate. The details are loading when I move the camera very close to the model.
I have changed parameter: maximumScreenSpaceError: to different values, which helped, but still the results are bad.
What is more when I zoom close to one of the models it shows tiles in different positions (like in the screenshots below).

2. A minimal code example. If you've found a bug, this helps us reproduce and repair it.

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer('cesiumContainer', {
    shadows: true,
    scene3DOnly: true,
    //globe: false, //wyłącza pokazywanie globu - kuli ziemskiej
    vrButton: true,
    infoBox: true,
var tileset2 = new Cesium.Cesium3DTileset({
  url: '.../Production_2.json',
  skipLevels: 0,
  maximumScreenSpaceError: 2,
  //debugShowBoundingVolume: true,

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I want to use Cesium to visualize the model and then use other functions, like adding some classification or billboards or pins on the models.

4. The Cesium version you're using, your operating system and browser.
I am using Cesium 1.53, Windows 10, I use different browsers: mainly Chrome,

Some of those definitely look like tiles that just haven’t refined. I’m not sure what you mean by showing tiles in different positions. Is the whole tileset in the wrong spot on the globe, or are specific tiles misplaced?

If you’re loading the same 3D Tileset in two different viewers that are both using CesiumJS, it’s odd that you’re getting these different behaviors. Do you know what settings/screen space error Context Capture viewer sets on the tiles?

The other thing I was going to suggest, just to try and isolate this problem, is to see if you can tile your data using Cesium ion ( and see if it’s specifically an issue on the CesiumJS side or on the tiling side. That way it would also be easy to share this tileset if it’s okay to share this data to help debug this.

I have uploaded both tilesets on google drive as I wasn’t able to upload any of them in the CesiumIon. There was an error in both cases.
In first (the wooden, brown one called oltarz_boczny) was recognise by Ion as 3DTiles but there was still an error during upload.

What I mean, by showing tiles in different positions is that when I zoom in it looks like it is loading the same fragments close to each other. Like on the photos from the previous link, the should be visible one brown, wooden model.
The second model (golden one called tabernakulum) is loading properly, but the details are loading when I get very close to the model.

As for the ContextCapture Viewer I do not know what settings it is using. I am trying to find out.

W dniu wtorek, 5 lutego 2019 16:52:56 UTC+1 użytkownik Omar Shehata napisał:

Thanks for uploading your tilesets, I’ll try to take a look soon.

For ion I meant you should try uploading the source data, which ion will then convert to 3D Tiles, since tiles created with different services can be very different in size/performance etc. If there’s a problem doing that please let me know the asset ID, this is something we’d want to fix as soon as possible.

I have converted the data do DAE and uploaded both models to CesiumIon. In both cases there is an error during tileset pipeline. The assets ID are: 15482 and 15484.
During creating the DAE files in ContextCapture I choose LOD (Level of detail) with Adaptive tree. Default the LOD was switch off.

W dniu piątek, 8 lutego 2019 14:15:15 UTC+1 użytkownik Omar Shehata napisał:

It looks like one of the DAE files doesn’t have geometry. See Sean’s comment about turning off LOD from ContextCapture here:

I have created the DAE files without LOD in ContextCapture and uploaded tchem into Cesium Ion. There ID are: 16218 and 16219.
I think there are still some problems with loading the files. The loading of the testures when zooming in takes some time. What is more the textures are lacking details.
W dniu piątek, 8 lutego 2019 18:19:40 UTC+1 użytkownik Omar Shehata napisał:

I’ve posted your follow up in the GitHub issue:

Feel free to follow that issue. I will post the response once Sean looks into it here as well.

Please try retiling the assets now. A fix was just deployed. See: