ContextCapture models have stopped appearing in apps built with clean cesium

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We are working with the latest version of context capture to export models to a cesium-ready format (b3dm + json)

Since the few last upgrades, models have stopped appearing in apps built with clean cesium (straight from Github pre-built releases, for example: 1.29 & 1.39), but show perfectly fine in custom Bentley cesium apps.

Some do show a general bounding sphere, such as in the attached photo (Problematic_Tiles).

We’ve been able to load old models, and models that we’ve found in this forum.

The second attached image is of the tile as it appears in the Bentley cesium app.

Attached also is the tileset json.

We checked for known errors in our json, such as the geometry error not being specified, but everything seems to be fine.

No error is shown when using tileset.readyPromise.then(function (){console.log(“ok”)}).otherwise(function(error) {console.log(error);});

We’re loading the tiles in this way:

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var tileset = viewer.scene.primitives.add(new Cesium.Cesium3DTileset({

url: ‘…/3D/sulam_CESIUM/Scene/Cesium_with_no_App.json’,

debugShowBoundingVolume: true


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4. The Cesium version you’re using, your operating system and browser.

We are currently working with Cesium pre-built release 1.39 on chrome. Our operating system is Windows 10.

Cesium_with_no_App.json (677 Bytes)

That is strange… could you send over the full tileset? Feel free to email it to me at

I’m on master and the tileset shows up for me. It is a little bit underground, so you may want to edit the tileset’s height (see the 3D Tiles Adjust Height sandcastle demo).

I attached a screenshot of what I see. Do you get any console warnings?