From Bentley software to Cesium


On the Cesium website I see some examples of 3D models (with BIM data) made with Bentley software. Unfortunately I can’t find a tutorial how this can be done. How can we convert our MicroStation 3D models to Cesium?

On I also asked this question, but no answer was given.

Please help.

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Probably it’s about Bentley ContextCapture software -


Hi Davi,

If you look in the sandbox in cesium for example, you can see a tiled Bentley 3D example. This is what I want to do.

The Context Capture to Cesium export is very clear (does this stil work b.t.w. in 1.35? This modelles don't load anymore while it worked in older versions).



Hi there,

We get a lot of questions about conversion to 3D Tiles. Check out this thread for an answer:!topic/cesium-dev/xLkYIuku9hA

Hope that helps

  • Rachel

3D Tiles models coming from ContextCapture require some editing in order to get them to work with 1.35.

See!searchin/cesium-dev/multiple$20viewers|sort:relevance/cesium-dev/mEgbWmays2w/CwsNX2hlBAAJ and!msg/cesium-dev/3p5XyXAzkbs/LOwd6rYdBgAJ for how to update the JSONs so your model will appear.

Thanks for you’re suggestion Rachel.

The thread you refer to, looks directed to native ways to create tiles.

Cesium and Bentley are telling that there is a new user friendly way.

In the sandbox, the examples refer to .

To use that, an account is needed which can be created at:

You can fill in an e-mail adres and maybe you get an invitation to use it.

Why are Cesium and Bentley telling about this new functionality while we can’t use it?

Regards Louis

Hi there,

Our team is actively working on releasing tiling tools, although we haven’t nailed down an exact timeline. We are inviting people to the beta so that we can be sure the tools are ready for wide release. In the meantime, if you have an urgent tiling request, email Patrick (as per the other thread), and we can probably help you.


  • Rachel

Thank you Rachel,

I’ve send an e-mail to Patrick with a request.