How to create similar model to 3D tileset BIM example

Hi all,

I’m new to CesiumJS, and try to find my way through it.
How do can I create something similar to the 3D tileset BIM example in Cesium Sandcastle?
I understand it is a Power Plant model produced by Bentley Systems, and as such cannot be downloaded or exported from Cesium Ion Assets.
What I aim at understanding is the basic strategy to create 3D tilesets of a multi-element buildings, i.e. those that will be modeled through IFC files in a BIM Authoring software. I know IFC cannot be imported into Cesium.
Hence, should I create a GeoJSON file from the IFC? Are there any other strategies?



The guide at 3D Models – Cesium describes how you can create tilesets from different kinds of BIM/CAD input data with Cesium ion. It lists different formats that are accepted as input. This does not include IFC, but some common formats like FBX or DAE, and usually, CAD tools can export into one of these formats. When you upload a model and select “3D Model (tile as 3D Tiles)” as the target type, it should create a tileset that resembles the structure of the original model.