How to visualize BIM model in IFC format in Cesium

I’m evaluating Cesium for my projects. I want to visualize lots of 3D oblique models and BIM models built by Revit. As far as I know, it is quite convenient to use Cesium to visualize oblique models. But the BIM models may be a problem. I’m vary glad to see that Cesium could visualize BIM models using 3D Tiles in version 1.35. However, I can’t find any documents about that… So, what’s the roadmap to visualize BIM model in IFC format in Cesium?


Eventually we would like to support all sorts of input BIM formats to our 3D Tiles conversion tools, but haven’t yet gotten around to IFC. That said, if anyone does create a IFC to 3D Tiles converter Cesium will be able to visualize it.

I saw a picture in this page ( which was described as “BIM model from Bentley using 3D Tiles.” I want know how you did this? Which BIM format do you choose and which tool can convert bim model to 3D tiles? Thanks for you reply!

在 2017年7月11日星期二 UTC+8上午7:29:45,Sean Lilley写道:

That tileset was provided to us by Bentley Systems. They are currently working on a 3D Tiles export from MicroStation, however I don’t think it is available for general use yet.

Got it. Thank you!

在 2017年7月12日星期三 UTC+8上午8:27:09,Sean Lilley写道: