Problems with 3d-tiles generated in blender


I have some IFC-models I would like to integrate into Cesium. Unfortunately this is not possible to do directly. The strategy I have used so far, is to:

  • Import the IFC-model into blender with the help of the addon BlenderBim (see
  • Export the model as a glb/gltf file
  • Upload it to Cesium ION, and let Cesium ION convert it to 3D-tiles
  • Use Cesium ION’s GUI to georeference the model, or “Adjust Tileset Location” as it says

I have also tried to use the Cesium ION blender add-on (Blender – Cesium), but this I think is equivalent to the strategy I have outlined.

To my problem:

If I use a premade 3D-tiles dataset such as OSM-buildings (which is already tiled and available from Cesium ION), and I click on buildings within the Cesium client, an infobox opens up, with information about the properties of the building.
With my 3D-tiles made from IFC-files however, nothing happens.

To try to find out what is going on, I started console.log-ing a few things.
It seems like Cesium represents my 3D-tiles differently than OSM-buildings:

I tried to print out the selected entity, using the “selecteEntityChanged” event:

viewer.selectedEntityChanged.addEventListener((e) => {
    console.log('entity changed');

When I click on one of the buildings from OSM-buildings, the result in chrome development tools is like this:

When I click on my building however, the result is like this:

I have also tried to use a direct leftClickEvent to find out what is going on:

const originalLeftClickHandler = viewer.screenSpaceEventHandler.getInputAction(Cesium.ScreenSpaceEventType.LEFT_CLICK);
viewer.screenSpaceEventHandler.setInputAction(function onLeftClick(
) {
    var pickedFeature = viewer.scene.pick(movement.position);

    console.log('pickedFeatured', pickedFeature);
}, Cesium.ScreenSpaceEventType.LEFT_CLICK);

This is the result for OSM-buildings in chrome development tools:

And this is the result clicking on my 3d-tiles:

Thanks alot for any help figuring out what the problem is!

Hi @hakon, thanks for your question and welcome to the forum. Cesium does not currently support per-building metadata for multiple buildings within a single model. In order to get the behavior you’re looking for, you would need to export your buildings as KML/COLLADA or CityGML. These are available as export options in many software packages. If you upload the data to ion as KML/COLLADA or CityGML, the per-building metadata will be preserved, and you’ll see it come up on click.

Let us know if you give that a try and if you encounter any further issues!