Bim, ifc, obj to 3d Tile

Since I don’t speak English, I ask through Google Translate.
We ask for your understanding.

I want to service by uploading bim data from Cesium.
The files I have are ifc, obj files.

ifc : After searching, it seems that it is not currently supported by ION.

When I load a single obj file into Blender, the objects are separated.

However, if you upload it through ION (3D-Tile format) and upload it, it will be merged into one form and displayed.

The result I want is to be tiled as separated so that I can select per object.

(I tried converting obj → glb / obj → gltf / obj → fbx and uploading it, and tried various things.)

What might I be missing?

[final desired result]
By loading one obj file (consisting of several objects) into Cesium,
It is a service that allows you to select multiple objects (for example, windows, chairs, chimneys, sofas, columns, etc. in buildings).

I searched a lot but couldn’t get what I was looking for.
Please advise.

@ehdlas1387 Per-object support for BIM/IFC/OBJ is not currently supported by our tilers, but is on our long term roadmap.

Only KML Buildings, CityGML, and Point Clouds currently support per object picking/metadata.

This question seemed to be very important. But maybe Ifc, bim, obj to 3dTILE,,, and Bim, obj, ifc to 3D Tile can be closed now.