"Gaeta" QGIS plugin - A Cesium viewer of Gis Data


I have created a plugin for QGIS, named "Gaeta", that publishes data of the current QuantumGIS view inside a Cesium globe.

Here you can find the plugin:

To install, download the ZIP from the above github page, and unzip it under your


renaming the name of ZIP data from "gaeta-master" to "gaeta"

and then activate the plugin in QGIS, as you can see in the following image:

Currently, my plugin opens a new web page every calling. Any help about this is wellcome.

A presto


Thanks for sharing Roberto! Cool project!


Hello all,

"Gaeta" - the Cesium plugin for QuantumGIS, from today is installable from the standard plugin panel of QGIS.

These are the known problems of "Gaeta" plugin:

1) elements do not follow the terrain height (but this depends of current status of Cesium)

2) the background image is not transparent (but this depends of current status of Cesium)

3) every calling of "Gaeta" opens another browser page (but this does not depend from Cesium ... :slight_smile:

A presto


Hi Roberto,
I tried it out. Great job. I had to fix some things in the file gaeta.py (the port, for me 8080, and the address to localhost), but now it opens Cesium from QGIS. My problem is now that I do not see the files. I will go on trying :slight_smile: