Geo referenced images help - newbie

Hi - complete Cesium novice here and couldn’t find the answer in the faq. I’ve got a few thousand high res images from drone (all around 25 meg in size) that I’m trying to add to a layer but adding any as an asset always states the image is not geo referenced. All the images have the coordinates embedded in the meta data. Is there something different I should be doing to get the images suitable for adding please ?
Thanks in advance. Mark.

Hey Mark, welcome to the Cesium community!

What format are your images in? If they are GeoTIFF I would assume it should just work (make sure to upload any sidebar files like .aux.xml in the same folder).

If that doesn’t work, can you tell me the asset ID of one of those images in your Cesium ion account?

Hi Omar

It was JPG but i changed it to TIFF and now i no longer see the above issue.
I know get Error: Missing or invalid spatial reference system once the upload is complete.

Thanks Mark

I think a JPEG doesn’t typically have the coordinate system and geolocation info inside the file itself, so that would require the additional metadata files to uploaded with it.

The GeoTIFF also needs to have the coordinate system embedded so that Cesium ion knows how to correctly drape it on the globe. What is the original format that you got the drone images in? If it was JPEG were there any “.jgw” (Jpeg World File) associated with it?

Another way quick way to test this is if you can open the imagery in QGIS (or any other viewer) and it shows up in the correct location in the world then Cesium ion should be able to read it.

The geographic information typically included as EXIF data in a JPEG is insufficient for placing the image on the surface of the Earth as there’s no reference as to where that position is relative to the image sensor.

You can see this information on the Details tab of the image’s Properties viewed from Windows Explorer (and probably via the Mac or Linux equivalent).

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I am having the same issue with the MLS imagery dataset. That was originally in jpg format, I converted it into tiff format. It was uploaded but still not working with the ion. Any suggestions?

I do have .ort file associated with all jpeg’s.