Geoid viewer

Hi devs

Is it possible to show in Cesium a geoid instead of a sphere?this sample use three,js for example.

is possible using Cesium?


It isn’t built-in, but I think all you’d need to do is create a terrain provider for it.

Right now adding Cesium World Terrain will give you real-world terrain heights around the globe (but it’s going to look like a sphere unless you use terrainExaggeration to greatly exaggerate the terrain).

If the geoid is defined by a formula, then it should be possible to create a terrain provider that will generate the right heights on the fly I think. Or alternatively generate a global dataset that you can then tile on Cesium ion and use on your globe in CesiumJS.

You’re right, I think it’s as “easy” as generating a terrain that represents the geoid.

I’ll keep researching