Ellipsoid Terrain


I am a developer working for a company trying to integrate Cesium Unity to our main product.
We are planning to use Cesium Ion but in some cases we need to be able to use simple raster tiles of the earth mapped to the globe Ellipsoid.

I am a beginner in Cesium, after reading the doc It seems to me ths can be done in js using EllipsoidTerrainProvider. Is this correct ? If yes is it on your roadmap to implement it on Unity ?

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We have a Github issue (on the Unreal side) for this, but unfortunately it’s not on our current roadmap. I don’t have a time estimate for when we’ll get to it, but we’d welcome a community contribution for this! There are some implementation details at the bottom of the issue to get one started.

Thank you for your reply

I will try to implement it and if I succeed and have my manager approval will contribute


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