Cesium unity without terrain

Hello , we are testing car controller in unity with Cesium terrain but the roads are not really usable , is there anyway not to use terrain and just create plain mesh.
I try to serve one flat terrain like 0.terrain for all xyz requests , it work but meshes are shaking.
Is there any solution for that?

Hey @davidkhan,

Welcome to the community! Do you mind sharing a screenshot or video of how “meshes are shaking”?

Usually, mesh problems happen when the CesiumGeoreference origin is far away from the meshes. This is due to floating-point precision errors. If you press “Place Origin Here” on the CesiumGeoreference in a place closer to the meshes, that can resolve the artifacts.

But you may be referring to something different, so please let us know.

Hello , thanks for reply , i think there are users already discuss about that.

Like i said previous thread , I tried solution to server 0.terrain only for every xyz terrain requests , it work but keeps flickering.
I have provided video link and also you can see CesiumGeoreference origin is fine as well.
My requirement doesn’t need to 0 elevation, but need to even flat surface. for example if elevation is 60 , i need all elevation 60 , otherwise moving gameobjects are not usable on ground on default terrain.

Please have a look at video link , it is dropbox link

0.terrain.zip (339 Bytes)

it is feasible to implement flat world with flat terrain.

Hi @davidkhan,

I completely understand your need for a flatter terrain surface. Unfortunately, I don’t know from a glance what’s wrong with your approach, and it doesn’t seem like the video is loading. Can you please resend it so we can better understand your issue?

Hello , please have a look at here , the video not showing seems to be forum script issue.
i make space between dropbox and .com , please remove space.

www. dropbox .com/scl/fi/aolyg24nm1nmuzror2emc/Cesiumunity.mov?rlkey=6sc121qyq0ekrolgr0fdlhrjs&e=1&dl=0

Hi @davidkhan,

Thank you for resharing. I can see how the car model is “shaking” in an undesirable way. Based on what I see, I have a few followup questions:

  • Does the car contain a CesiumOriginShift component?
    • If it DOES, does the issue still happen if you remove both itself and the CesiumGlobeAnchor component from the object?
    • If it does NOT, does the issue still happen when you attach one?
  • Can you reproduce this bug with a simpler mesh? Like a cube, or a non-animated car?

Answers to the above would help us greatly. Thank you!