geoJSON vector data tiles disappear

Dear Sir,

I found an example of how to show geoJSON data on cesium and I followed that example

the data is displaying but tiles are disappearing when I zoom in more and more

I tried with same with us sample data same this the data displays but when zoom in tiles are disappearing

here is the example what I used

here is how my data appears

I am using reactJS

here is my code

this.state.Viewer.dataSources.add(this.state.Cesium.GeoJsonDataSource.load(‘data/adu_governorate…geojson’, {

stroke: this.state.Cesium.Color.HOTPINK,

fill: this.state.Cesium.Color.PINK.withAlpha(0.5),

strokeWidth: 3


Thank you

Mohammed Kabeer

I believe this is happening because the terrain is occluding the polygon. Try setting your geoJSON to clamp to ground by setting “clampToGround: true” in the load options: