Get ground point lat/lng from aerial lat/lng/alt/heading/angle?

**What is the correct approach to get a ground point lat/lng from and aerial model (****lat/lng/altitude)**with a camera (heading/angle)?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Chris,

Sorry, what do you mean? Do you mean, how to get the point at the center of the current camera view?

If so, what you need is something like the following:

var screenCenter = new Cesium.Cartesian2();

var canvas = viewer.canvas;

screenCenter.x = Math.floor(canvas.clientWidth / 2);

screenCenter.y = Math.floor(canvas.clientHeight / 2);

var position =;


Use viewer.scene.globe.pick() instead of if you want the pick to be sensitive to terrain height.

See here for examples in action:

Hope that helps!

  • Rachel

Hey Rachel,

Sorry for the lack of detail. I have an airplane model rendered in my map that has an onboard camera with a heading and an angle pointing down towards the globe. I want to get the lat/lng of the ground point that the center of the onboard camera is looking at given the airplane model lat/lng/alt and the properties of the direction that the camera is looking.

Does that make sense?

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Hi Chris,

Yes that makes sense! That’s what the code I’ve given you should do.


  • Rachel