get height

Hi, I'm developing 3D flight simulation and displaying flights path and flight flying on that path using czml.

I can get particular flight details on click but I'm not able to get height at that particular point of the polyline. Can anyone help me how I can get height on polyline click?

Another thing is as we can create wall for entity, is there any way of getting that wall using czml?

I appreciate your time and response.


For the wall, I just posted an answer to a similar thread here:

If you want to get the height interactively via a click/mouse position, see this example:

If you want to get the height via a real-world position instead of a mouse position, check out Globe.getHeight:

Keep in mind that both of these techniques rely on what’s actually being displayed in the scene. If you need to query arbitrary terrain heights, see sampleTerrain:

Thanks Matthew for your kind response and help.

I'm going through the links that you provided but I'm still confused on, how can I get height of the particular points on the flight path? I mean, I want height of the particular points of path from ground and I'm already passing lat,lng and height in czml for path.

So if you can give me more idea then would be great. Thanks alot.