Is there a way to clamp to ground a CZML path

Hi everybody,
I need to plot an animated path on Cesium. I sow that the right approach is to build a CZML datasource from my DB.

The db contains only time, lat and long datas. The only thing I can’t manage is the calculation of the altitude of every point starting from lat & long couple.

Some suggestion?

Thank you very much

I’m not sure I understand what the problem is. Shouldn’t the height be 0 for each point?


If I set the heigh to 0 my path goes underground…

Ah okay. What you’ll need to do is compute the heights for each point on the terrain using sampleTerrainMostDetailed. Then you can save these heights in your CZML so you don’t have to recompute the height each time the line loads.


Thank you. I'll try