track points display using CZML

I have a list of track points (latitude, longitude) using which I have created a CZML to display the data. I have used arbitrary time-interval and assigned these latitude/longitude to each interval. Now I have two questions -
Cesium version 1.2 used.

The CZML looks as below-











  1. When I use EllipsoidTerrainProvider then the track path along with the point indication for current time location is displayed properly. But when using the CesiumTerrainProvider as Terrain, the path is not visible. Apparently because the height component is not available and assigned as 0.0.

Is there a way to make this path visible with the default Cesium Terrain also, in absence of height values?

  1. How do we implement the fly-through for these points? Some information is available on but details are still not clear.

Please suggest.

  1. This is something that we are actively working on and will be available in the near future. There’s currently no work around other than specifying heights manually.

  2. You can assign the object to viewer.trackedEntity and that will have the camera follow along the path generated by these points over time.

Thanks for the reply.

  1. As of now am using the Polyline entity to display the track.

  2. I will check this feature. Currently to serve the requirement, I have made small functionality of record and playback. So using this we can manually record a fly-through for the desired track and then playback is done.

what do u mean by specifying heights manually ?