Plotting a trajectory in Cesium

Here's what I'm trying to do: launch a projectile from a particular point on the Cesium globe, then show the projectile as it flies through the air and hits the ground. Currently I'm writing a lot of non-Cesium code to try and create an array of points, which I then turn into CZML and feed to Cesium. Am I reinventing the wheel here? Or is there something in Cesium that already handles this sort of calculation for the user?

I'm also working on something similar and can't find this out. The issue referenced,, is quite old but seems to suggest it is possible. I can fly an object through a series of points, but don't understand how to get the trajectory part of it.

I got this working by using some of the CZML samples from the sandcastle environment. Given a given packet referencing some object, a billboard property can be used to show the instantaneous position, then a position property contains the actual coordinates. What I was confused about from the documentation was if I needed to have vertex positions, polylines, and or a path. You just need to add a path property at the same level as the position property to describe the path color, size, resolution, and at what times it is valid.

A snippet from the czml looks like this:

One issue I am having with a trajectory is that it looks fine with matlab, but in cesium they sometimes have this discontinuity. The data appears to be ok and I have tried using different interpolation degrees. See the image here:

Nevermind, I was not filtering the data correctly when creating the czml.