Pushing trajectory data from MATLAB to Cesium

As a new user I am exploring the feasability of using MATLAB to push object trajectory data to Cesium. Looking for recommended approach to accomplish the following from MATLAB:

- Opening an instance of the Cesium Viewer in Firefox
- Writing time stamped trajectory data from MATLAB array to CZML file
- Loading CZML trajectory files into Cesium
- Or, pushing trajectory data dynamically to Cesium Viewer, bypassing CZML files.

Concept is to utilize the viewer with animation control so as to fly objects forwards/backwards and quality control trajectories, verifying how they enter/exit coverage volumes.

As a start I have managed to call the Hello World example via a 'system' function call in MATLAB to push the html file to Firefox. However, lacking expertise, the syntax of building up a small API of html/JavaScript files to traverse between MATLAB functions and and the web browser is slow going. I recognize that this is likely an awkward approach, but know no better at this time.

Welcome any examples/info.


Hi John,

I know its been a while since you posted this question, but I am currently trying to solve pretty much this exact problem as well.

I started by writing a simple matlab function to write a czml file with a single position. I then used a system call to open up an instance of Cesium viewer in firefox and open the folder containing the czml files generated by matlab. Its been a couple weeks and I'm starting to get comfortable with how Cesium works, but I am at a loss for a good way to integrate matlab into it. The main hurdle for me is finding an easier way to write czml files because there are so many options to consider that it seems absurd to try and have matlab basically hand-write everything.

If you (or anyone) have advice on something you've figured out, and if not I'd be happy to bounce ideas back and forth to find a solution.