Get texture coordinates when picking (Rectangle Primitive)

Hello all!

I am looking into the picking functionality of Cesium, i must say i am impressed how good the (scene)drillpick method works.
It even goes through transparent areas of textures without selecting the primitive.

It would be very interesting for me to get the texture coordinates where the primitive was picked, so x,y or maybe u,v (if i have width and height of the texture i should be able to calculate it).

Is there any way to get this information?
Right now i would only need this for rectangle primitives.

What i have looked into:
I tried to understand how the picking is done, but it is not that trivial.
It seems to check which primitive is along the viewport coordinate the last check is in the PickFramebuffer function.
It seems to get it by using getObjectByPickColor. I read somewhere once there is a way of using color to do picking, can't quite remember how this was done.

Any help is as always greatly appreciated!

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I have the same probrom with the texture coordinates. And so far I can’t solve it. But I think we can try the original WebGL api to to this job. Like
WebGLRenderingContext.readPixels()】 or some else APIs.

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