How to pick st (Texture coordinate) value from Cesium?

I want to pick the Texture coordinate by a pexil.

But I din’t found any API in Cesium could do this.

Any help is as always greatly appreciated!

Can you tell me more about your use case? What do you need to do with the texture coordinate that’s clicked?

Thanks for your attention!

I rended some attribute datas like (x,y,z,value) by a one peixl height texture. The texture is like this:


I maped the attribute value to the texture by texture coordinate, min value map to (0,0), max value map to (1, 0). Then I render the model like this:

Now I need to pick the attribute value. So I need the texture coordinate to calculate the attribute value.

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Would picking the color instead work?

Otherwise I think you might be able to get a close enough value here by using pickPosition to get the world position, and since you know the world positions of the vertices and their texture attributes, you can compute roughly what the UV for that clicked point should be.

Thanks very much

I weill try this!

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