Getting started - cannot drag and drop czml files

I can pass the czml file to the url but when I drag the file it does not appear.

Any ideas?


Hi Ian,

Which browser are you using? What OS? Have you tried dragging one of the example CZML files that ship with Cesium, like simple.czml? What is the address of the page you’re dragging into?

(Sorry for the barrage of questions, but to debug it we need to know what’s going on).


Ok, just tried the example files and they all drag and drop ok. We are using chrome and IE with the chrome plugin.

Let me look a little more at the CZML format, are there any other super simple examples?




The CZML Guide has lots of CZML snippets, and there are a few complete examples here. Don’t let their length scare you, most of it is position data.