git push question

I am getting a 403 when I try to push my changes. Can someone advise what to do here? I am trying to commit code to which handles settings to get through a corporate proxy so we can test with WMS servers external to our network.

Here is what I did in Git:

git clone

git branch wmsLanProxy

git checkout wmsLanProxy

git push --set-upstream origin wmsLanProxy

Username for ‘’:

Password for ‘’:

error: The requested URL returned error: 403 while accessing

fatal: HTTP request failed


You’re getting an error because your GitHub user is not authorized to make changes directly to the main Cesium repository. Check out the section titled Contributing Code in our Contributor’s Guide:’s-Guide

To contribute changes you’ll need to fork the Cesium repository on GitHub, make your changes there, then submit a pull request which we will review and merge in.

This GitHub page explains the fork and merge process, if you’re not familiar with it: