Introducing Cesium Concierge

Hi all,

My name’s Ottavio, and I’m an intern on the Cesium team. For the past month I’ve been creating a GitHub bot to help offload some of the work that comes with managing a massive open-source project.

Allow me to introduce Cesium Concierge, a GitHub user who will be active on the Cesium GitHub repository. Its GitHub repository can be found here.

Concierge can do a few things right now, and it will slowly grow to do more and more tasks. It can:

  • Comment on closed pull requests and issues that contain links to this forum, reminding users to update the post about the issue.

  • Comment on opened pull requests that do not change, politely asking if they should do so

  • Comment on opened pull requests that change files in ThirdParty/, politely asking if the licenses should be updated.

Please report bugs to

Thank you,