Proposed updates to issue labels in Cesium's GitHub repo

Hi folks,

Cesium has grown into quite a large project: over 215K lines of code and tests, over 1,800 GitHub stars, and nearly 1,200 members on this forum!

We have always had the philosophy of using the least amount of process necessary to keep us organized. In this spirit, I plan to make a few additions to the issue labels on GitHub to better serve the growing user community, new contributors, and upcoming new hires on the Cesium team at AGI.

We currently have a beginner label for small issues appropriate for developers new to the project, and the next release label for issues critical to the next release, usually regressions. I plan to expand these to:

  • beginner - appropriate for new developers and likely to take less than 4-8 hours.
  • onramping - appropriate for developers ramping up on the codebase; these issues are likely to be harder or larger in scope (but still well isolated) compared to beginner issues. Some might call these “intermediate”, but that is not the intention and I hate to over-stratify things.
  • priority - issues that we - the community - really want to fix. This will allow us to track important issues beyond one release.
  • next release - same as now
    The goal is to better track important issues and issues to ramp up new developers. As always, if an issue is important to you, please comment and/or +1 it.

Later, we may use more labels for more precise tracking (for example, rust ), but I only want to introduce bookkeeping as needed.

Please let me know if you have any feedback. I plan on triaging issues with these new labels on Monday.

(If you are curious, I reviewed the following projects to see how they use GitHub labels: tensorflow, bootstrap, react, angular, electron, three, rust, mapbox-gl-native, vscode, and node).