Navigation UI Project

Hello Ed, Matthew!

I would like to thank you for all your help and support with regard to the timeline bug. Solving the issue helped me to gain some knowledge about the working of Cesium and I must say that the API is really well thought and easy to work with. It also helped me to test it and discover other possible bugs which I want to bring to your notice. I would like to say that I’m really interested in contributing to cesium and would like to apply for this project in GSOC 2013 and possibly continue the association afterwards.

I have been thinking a lot about the Navigation UI idea for Cesium lately. I have some very cool suggestions, as also mentioned in my previous mails, one of them being an optimized UI for the mobile devices. However I think a lot depends on the thoughts of the people actually working on Cesium development. Since the application period starts soon, I don’t want to keep anything loose in my proposal and hence would like to discuss it thoroughly.

I think it would be great if we could discuss the ideas over chat or something. It would help me in getting a better understanding of cesium , its current UI implementation and future UI requirements/possibilities. Is it possible to fix a time for this? It would help me a lot.



Hi Ravi,

Great to see you and some other folks coming up to speed on Cesium pull requests in time for GSoC 2013.

Matt and the others are tied up this weekend with the NASA challenge hackathon, and when we get back to work Monday we won’t have access to online chat from there. You can email us privately if you don’t want others to see your ideas prior to writing their applications.

If you or anyone is looking for another timeline-related bug, I just filed Issue #670 which I first noticed a few weeks ago (and apparently didn’t file then, not sure why). If you decide to take this on, please make a new git branch for the fix, separate from your existing branch and its pull request (which looks ready to me, but probably won’t get merged until Monday when the team gets back to the office).