Guidelines for GSoC 2013.

Hi Guys!

                          I am Tejas Nikumbh, a student at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. I would like to participate in GSoC this

year via Cesium.

As far as projects of interest go, more than one projects interest me. I specifically like the UI based projects as well as the offline HTML5 Web App

Support along with Vector Data Visualization with JSON project.

I went through the Cesium checklist on Contributor’s Guide, and have :

                           * Got Cesium Running of my machine.

                           * Passed all the tests successfully. 

                           * Tried out different views and used to application in General (Its awesome!)

                           * Had eclipse installed, updated to Juno.
                           * Installed Plugins.
                           Basically, I'm ready to hack! I had a few questions though.   I am also researching the projects and building a proposal, so I wanted to ask, is there a portal where I could

put my proposal up for review? It’d be a rough sketch as of now, but should definitely help me improve loads if I get started on getting feedback early on. Also, are there any open bugs related to the projects I mentioned? Namely, Credits Layout, Navigation UI Widget ,HTML5 Offline Web App Support and Vector Data Visualization with JSON? If yes, any pointer to some simple ones?

Looking for answers,

Thanks in advance,

Tejas Nikumbh,

3rd Year Undergrad,

Electrical Engineering,

IIT Bombay.

Hi Tejas,

Thanks for the interest. Ed just posted some info on Google Summer of Code:!topic/cesium-dev/Jis8P69nvBw

We don’t have a portal setup, but you are welcome to email the project’s mentor. Contact info is on our Ideas List. As for bugs to look at, take a look at our open issues. I don’t often work in the areas you mentioned so someone else here may be able to point you to specific issues.



Hi Patrick,

            I have started looking into the bugs and issues labeled for GSoC. I think this mail got lost somewhere. I would be pleased to discuss with relevant mentors my queries and doubts about the proposal. Should I create another l topic labeled #<project name> for the projects I am interested in? Also, is it advisable to apply for more than one project at cesium?


Hi Tejas,

You are welcome to either email the project mentors directly (contact info on the Ideas List) or send a new message to the mailing list - with one mail per topic. The application period runs until May 3.