GSOC 2013 - Idea discussion - Credits layout


I am new to Cesium and didn't know about it until GSOC 2013. Pondering over ideas' page, I found credits layout project interesting and something which I have skills for. Since, the proposal period closes on 3rd May, I would like to know how can I speed up my understanding of cesium for this specific project. I will be willing to learn the complete library but would like to know what to go for at the particular moment since I have to make a proposal too.

Things already done :

1. Thought of idea and implementation plans (May have to change it once I know more about the current development on the issue.)

2. Forked and cloned the cesium repo. Learning it bit by bit.


Hi Akshat,

Thanks for your interest. A lot of GSoC students have found it useful to work on a small issue to get up to speed on Cesium. See!topic/cesium-dev/8rBzZPbjQSM

I also suggest discussing your implementation plan directly with the mentor or here on the mailing list.