My name is Unnikrishnan Patel. I am a third year student of DA-IICT, Gandhinagar. I would like to participate in GSOC-2013 and work on a new idea under Cesium.  I am completely new to the world of open source projects(so, i would really appreciate if a mentors could provide some guidelines/ resources/ instructions for me) and secondly, so that I can discuss and refine my ideas and maybe even start working well .So, I would be really grateful if the mentors can guide me through this.

I am good at java and C# programming ,android ,opengl,  Data structures , Algorithms and Database Management.

Sorry for such a long comment. Looking forward towards a positive reply,

Unnikrishnan Patel

Hi Unnikrishnan,

Thanks for your interest. For ideas, a good place to start is our Google Summer of Code Ideas List. These are pretty well defined projects. If you are interested in something more open-ended, you can browse the roadmap or propose something completely original based on your interest and background. The projects on the ideas list has contact info for the mentors, you are welcome to reach out to them directly or discuss here on the mailing list since we try to keep everything public. Given your experience with C# and Java, you may be interested in poking around the czml-writer project.

For a general overview of Cesium, browse the website, including the Sandcastle demos. Although a bit dated, the Architecture Guide provides an overview of how the Cesium code is organized. See the Contributor’s Guide for how to get a local version of Cesium running.

Also, we can’t select applicants until May when Google Summer of Code allows us, but we are happy to work with you regardless of how the GSoC selection process works out.




Since you are new to open source, I forgot to point you to a great book on open source development that is available online: Producing Open Source Software.


Thanks a lot , Sir . Is there any list of bugs to solve or shall i start with the fresh project.?

Unnikrishnan Patel

Sr , till now i have been working on the android app and web development and i am comfortable with it.Here below i am posting my git link

Yours Sincerely

Unnikrishnan Patel

You are welcome to look through the open issues and see if any interest you -

If so, we are happy to discuss further.