GSoC 2013


I’m Pratyush Nalam, a computer science sophomore from IIT Bombay and would love to participate with Cesium in Google Summer of Code 2013. I have a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, Eclipse. What does Cesium expect from a prospective applicant in order to ensure our selection for GSoC 2013?

I’m really excited and am hoping for an answer here

Pratyush Nalam
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I would like to know how to go about. I hope someone has seen my previous mail :slight_smile:

Hi Pratyush,

Each idea in the Ideas List states the main skill sets. Also, the bottom of the Cesium Google Summer of Code page has the application information for Cesium.

The best thing you can do is follow the Contributor’s Guide to get Cesium up and running on your machine, then start exploring ideas that interest you from the Ideas List, and discuss them here.

For learning more about the technologies we use to build Cesium, check out the recommended reading page.



Thanks a lot PAtrick!