GSoC 2013 coming up

Hello Everyone,

So the deadline for proposal matching is almost here and you’re probabily busy going through the proposals.

I’m just curious to know how has the process been so far for everyone involved, did you receive many applications? How are you parsing the proposals and selecting the best ones? Were you expecting this kind of response when you applied for GSoC?

Looking foward to know (almost) everything :slight_smile:

Best regards,
André Nunes

Yes, this would be helpful. Please let us know.

Sorry guys, we are explicitly forbidden from talking about details with students during the application process. Once the selections are allowed to be public, we’ll definitely be writing up a blog post that talks about our experiences and introduces our students to the Cesium community.

Good luck to everyone.

That explains the silence, thanks for letting us know.

Good luck everyone!

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