GSOC 2013

Hi everyone,

We’re seeing a lot of interest in Google Summer of Code, which is fantastic. Student applications officially begin April 22 at 19:00 UTC according to the schedule. Get yourself ready to apply by forking and downloading Cesium from GitHub, and following the Contributor’s Guide to set up a development environment. Start exploring the code in general, and figure out how to build the sample Cesium apps.

If you have particular areas of interest, such as the 3D engine or the UI, start looking at how existing code is implemented. We will likely favor applications that show the student has understood the code and is already making good progress, or at least good plans for their chosen feature.

Here is the official Summer of Code schedule: (scroll it down)

Here is Cesium’s page on Summer of Code: (not open for applications until April 22).

Good luck!


Hello Ed.

Do you know when a mentor will be assigned to the Vector Data Visualization with GML project idea?

What is AnalyticalGraphicsInc/Cesium team looking for in a potential candidate?

Do you think that making multiple project proposals will lower my odds of getting accepted? Even if both proposals are well planned and organized, I’m not talking about a ‘shotgun approach’ to it… :slight_smile:

Quarta-feira, 17 de Abril de 2013 16:38:52 UTC+1, Ed Mackey escreveu:

Not sure who the mentor would be for Vector Data GML. Maybe one of the mentors from the other Vector Data projects would step in?

This is my first GSoC too, so I don’t know whether multiple proposals affect the odds, but I’m sure we plan to look at all the proposals carefully.


Hi André,

As Ed stated, we’re looking for folks that show strong potential and interest. The fact that you are already making pull requests works in your favor.

As for the vector data projects, I encourage you to discuss them here on the mailing list until we nail down the mentor and those interested on our end will jump in. There’s a chance that Matt Amato will be interested in mentoring, but it will depend on how everything plays out.

From our perspective, multiple proposals will not hurt your chances. However, I wouldn’t spread yourself too thin. One quality proposal will be much better then three average proposals.