Questions about Google Summer of Code

Hello everyone,

I want to participate in Google Summer of Code 2013. I knew student application is not open yet. I just want to give myself a head start to make sure I can handle the topics I list below.

Interested topics are:

  1. Vector Data Visualization with Geography Markup Language.

  2. Vector Data Visualization with Web Feature Service.


  1. Why these two topics have no mentors?

  2. I am confused about what geospatial is. Can someone please tell me what it is?

  3. I have cloned cesium into my pc, and I will go through the code. However, cesium is quiet big, so can someone please tell me which parts of the code I should focus on based upon the topics I listed above?

Thank you so much.

Any thoughts on how to start, and recommended reading will be appreciated.

Hi You,

The ideas page is just that, a page of ideas; so not all items have official mentors yet. During the official application process, we’ll definitely determine who the final mentors are and which ideas we will end up implementing based on the applicants we get. We are also open to original ideas from applicants.

Geospatial refers to Geographic Information Systems Visualization. ESRI, a major GIS company, has an information page you might found useful here

In order to be successful with Vector Visualization, you’re going to end up familiarizing yourself with a good chunk of the code-base; but the DynamicScene, Scene, and Core layers are most important. I would recommend running through the demos and maybe writing small ones yourself in order to understand how Cesium works. The SandCastle demos on our website are definitely the best place to start in that regard.

Hi Matthew,

Thank you so much for your reply.

I was just afraid the topics I like will be cut off at the end because there is no mentors. Thanks again.