Globe depthTestAgainstTerrain resets when user changes terrain provider

I am using the native base layer picker from the Viewer with custom Imagery providers, and the default set of Terrain providers. I've been having a problem where billboards half-disappear beneath the terrain when the user switches from the basic ellipsoid to the STK meshes, and I haven't been very happy with the outcome when I set the billboard's heightReference to CLAMP_TO_GROUND, but it looks good when I disable depthTestAgainstTerrain.

The problem is that this value gets set to `true` any time the user selects the STK terrain provider from the dropdown. I don't see any event exposed to hook when this setting has been changed, and it seems sort of brute-force to just poll for it myself. Maybe there's some setting I can change that will turn this off on a per-provider basis, rather than changing the property on viewer.scene.globe directly?


In case it's relevant, the "unhappy outcome" with CLAMP_TO_GROUND turns out to actually be a disableDepthTestDistance known bug: and If those get fixed, I can probably get away with leaving depthTestAgainstTerrain alone.


Hi James,

I’ll look into the on new terrain event loaded event. In the meantime, check out this thread, which is on the same subject. I provided code for a terrain visibility test that a helpful community member expanded on which should do what you need:!msg/cesium-dev/ZSGJAUqnGR0/_lPChfGTAQAJ;context-place=forum/cesium-dev

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  • Rachel

Hi there,

Also check out terrainProviderChanged:

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  • Rachel