Globe moving event listener?

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I've been looking around and was wondering if there is an event or listener that is triggered whilst the globe is moving or spinning, or whilst inertia is acting upon the globe.

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I need this as I'm wanting to hide something and turn something off whilst the globe is spinning or moving. I only want to show it when the globe has stopped moving. Currently whilst the user has left clicked and is dragging it turns it off. but really I want it to turn off when the globe is moving.

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Notice that the globe does not move (or rather, it is always moving). I think what you want is to check for the camera movement events. Luckily, there is a camera changed event (

Here’s an example.

If you really wanted to know when the globe was spinning or not you’d check for the time, since whether the timeline is paused or playing is what determines whether the globe is actually spinning or not.

Ah, it was an illusion that the globe was moving, but really it was the camera that is spinning, not the globe. and yeah the globe is always orbiting due to time. Thanks!