Globe not displaying for one customer

I have a web page that displays the Cesium globe using Bing images (using a key we got from Microsoft). The page also also displays 100+ billboards. It works well and has for several years. However, I have one customer who doesn't see the globe (i.e., see any terrain). He does see the billboards but the rest of the screen is black. He is using a Mac and has tried both Safari and Chrome. I'm stumped.


Is it possible to ask them to provide the output from the browser console to see if there are any errors? And do you have a screenshot of what they’re seeing? You said they don’t see any terrain but it sounds like the imagery is also not being displayed.

If it’s happening across browsers it could be a graphics driver issue, asking them to make sure they have the latest drivers might resolve this too.

You can see a screenshot at Note that the billboards are displayed, do I doubt it's a graphics driver issue. It'd be difficult for me to get a console dump from them. I did have him test that WebGL and JavaScript are enabled and working.

Where is the user located? It might be their network is blocking streaming the terrain/imagery. Getting the console output would definitely help pinning this down.

Also, I just noticed the deprecation warning in the screenshot. Make sure to make the switch to terrain from Cesium ion ( before October 1st, which is when the old servers will stop serving.

Thanks, Omar. It turned out their firewall (Palo Alto firewall) was blocking 'bing-maps'. They resolved it.

Thanks for pointing out that the terrain servers were going away in less than two weeks! The message was obvious, but I overlooked it.