globe widget is missing in Cesium

Hi everyone…
I used to work with CesiumJs normally, but it seems like in the past 2 days, Cesium is showing me an empty Globe,

I updated to the last version (1.22), and the globe didn’t show at all.

if anyone can help me please… thanks in advance

Hi Kamel,

I had the same problem earlier, or rather everyone who is using Cesium would have faced this. Cesium’s Bing Maps key has been suspended due to over-use. You’ll need to generate your own and use that instead.

You can get a key at or Then set the |Cesium.BingMapsApi.defaultKey| to your newly generated Bing Maps Key inside the in your HTML before initializing the Cesium’s |viewer|.

Thank you so much Abhishek V. Potnis, I appreciate the help :slight_smile: … it’s working now

Hi Abhishek,

I have an application which uses Cesium JS API and I faced the same problem mentioned in this thread. Your comments helped me solve the issue.