glTF 2.0 POINTS visualization


I’m generating batched 3d model tiles based on weather data from grib and netcdf and recently updated my glTF 1.0 generation to glTF 2.0. I have no problem when the primitive mode is LINES, but when it is POINTS the glTF data in cesium does not show up. I’ve attached two glb files, one with lines the other with points and they both validate correctly and can be visualized with the glTF-viewer. Also attached screen shots of cesium showing the data with bounding boxes. I’m using the latest version of cesium 1.42.


lines.glb (227 KB)

points.glb (59.4 KB)

Thanks for the report - I submitted an issue that has a fix:

Have you looked into the 3D Tiles point cloud format?