Gltf material issue


I’m facing a problem with my gltf materials. I’ve built a tree placing feature letting the user place trees. However these trees are almost black when they are placed. When I inspect them in an online viewer they are not black. They are from Sketch-Up so I have exported them to gltf-format. The wierd thing is that I use the same .skp tree file in my tree duplication fme-script, but writing it out to 3D-tiles, and they have the correct color/material.

Here is a picture illustration the problem. The dark/black tree is placed by the user. The other trees are in the model by default.


Hi @Albnas,

Do any of the solutions in this similar thread work for you?

Hi @Gabby_Getz I have now tried many changes in light effects in the viewer and models, but for me they were not affective. The solution I found working for me was changing the “pbrMetallicRoughness” values in the gltf itself.


Got it. Thanks for the update!